Tuesday, March 25, 2008

We're down to single digits people...

I can't believe it!!! This is so exciting for our family...only one more week until we leave for Disneyland and as much as we've prepared over the last couple of moths, there's still a few last minute things that need to be taken care of...as always I guess when you plan almost anything...especially a trip for 6...lol!!
The boys have spent some time the last couple of days working on the homework I asked the teachers for...just about finished. I'm so glad they'll return to school at the same place as the rest of the class instead of 2 weeks behind.
Hockey is over...hooray!! Reilly's team won the league championships on Good Friday...it was so exciting! They got a banner to hang in our arena and each player got a gold medal. We are looking forward to the break from being at the rink...at least until hockey school in August...lol!! We will focus our attention to football for Carsyn, which starts in June but until then...we have a couple of months to just hang out around the house and hopefully get some projects finished!
and on that note...I have some packing to do!
Have a great week everyone.


Anonymous said...

I hope you enjoy your trip to Disneyland. Now don't forget camera, batteries, extra batteries, recharger, hmmmm what else...oh ya you'll need some clothes too. teehee and money. Please don't forget $$$ At least you'll have better weather than we have right now. check my blog...it's been updated about 2 min ago... lol

Sherri said...

HHHOOOORRRAAAAAYYYYY Reilly! Very cool about winning the championship.

And horray to all of you for having the big trip almost here, I am sure you will have an awesome time. Wish I could fit in your suitcase hee hee.

Have an awesome time!

Stacy said...

have a blast !!!!! great idea on thinking aahead to get homework never thought of that !!!!

MonaS! said...

have a fabulous time!!! And congrats on Championship!!!