Monday, March 2, 2009

I am too old for junior high!!!

why is it that at my age, people still have the ability to make me feel like I am in junior high? Seriously, I am 37 and do not have the time or energy for the drama that some people seem to thrive on.
There is this woman who lives in our community and even though I have only lived here for 3.5 years and don't really know her, I know her well enough to know she is a bitch! Plain and simple. She thinks her and her kids shit don't stink and that anytime something happens involving her kids that it's the other person's fault and they owe her or her kids an apology. And, I allowed myself to get all worked up over it when she called to confront me about an incident at hockey practice involving Reilly and her eldest son. Of course, it was the one practice I did not stay for and the picture she painted put my kid in a pretty bad position. Now I am not saying Reilly is innocent but the story she was telling didn't match my kids story or character at all. So I talked to the coach and yep, the story was different alright. Can you imagine, I lost sleep over this on Saturday night? I was worried about seeing her at hockey on Sunday and what I would say to her or how she would treat me. She's the type to that has a "posse" and they all do what she says or base their thoughts and feelings on her. It's sick really. Anyway, Reilly and I apologized to her son and he just stood there. Not saying sorry to Reilly for his part in what transpired at the rink...cause of course he was innocent! Brian is furious and will let her know what he thinks at the first opportunity but that's besides the point.
Does this kinda crap ever stop? Will I ever be too old to be involved in junior high girl behavior? I think I am a pretty confident woman. I know who I am am and what I want out of life. Please tell me I am not alone!!

On a much happier note, we are 28 sleeps away from our trip to Las Vegas!
We even have a back up plan should the weather not cooperate and my Mom can't make it. We are also looking forward to our 3 day school week this week. It'll be nice to hang out all together for a day and I am scrapping for one of them too!

Hockey is winding down for Reilly.
Zack is almost done with basketball.
I think we are putting Gavin in soccer and Carsyn is going to play roller hockey in the city. Should be a busy Spring/Summer!

I have some layouts to share but that will have to wait as I need to head off to bed.

Take care everyone,


grover said...

Less than a month and you will be in VEGAS!!!! That is so exciting-you guys will have a cool time!

As for this lady,sad that she is doing that and passing that sort of things onto her kids, don't you hate it when people make you uncomfortable-just not right. I hope things end up being okay.


Julie Duncan said...

Well what that lady is doing is wrong on so many levels,and yes you know that I have dealt with it.At my age, I would think that it should be non existent,but sad to say it isn't.Just continue on with your life and don't let her get the best of you.Some how in letting them upset you, these type of people feel like they have won.

Focus on Vegas Baby!!!!!!!!!!

Stacy said...

hi i would have had the coach in on the conversation and let her know that this is the story you had heard from the coach and your son and let her know that you were not really empressed with the story she came up need back up call e i would kick her arse in a minute no tolerance to that

Bonnie said...

GRR - some people never grow up. Hold your head high and know you're so much better than all of that drama! (hugs)

Jocie said...

awwww Laura :( (((HUGS)))
unfortunatly, some people don't grow up and still act like they are in junior high....Im sorry it had to affect you!!! I can relate though, I have felt this way as an adult and it really makes me mad!


redmom said...

I know it's hard but don't get sucked into her drama....obviously she never grew up! Just imagine how she's going to treat the poor girl who is brave enough to marry her pefect little boy...LOL!!!

Woohoo Vegas is soon......have a blast!