Thursday, March 26, 2009

long time no blog

what a whirlwind we've been having around here lately. These last 2 weeks have flown by...some good...some bad!
Reilly is finished his hockey season (this is a good) and he went out with a bang. He was in a tournament last weekend and played his best games of the year...he was body checking, scoring game winning goals, named the Heart and Hustle recipient and was all over the ice both offensively and was great to see.
He also turned 12 on the 20th and we celebrated with Tim Horton's doughnuts for him and a fellow teammate who's bday was the 21st and then with carrot cake on Sunday when the tournament was over. He is going shopping with his cash tomorrow.
I am taking him as I need to get some last minute things so we can pack and get ready to leave for Vegas...we are less than 3 days away and we haven't put a single thing in a! I'm not worried though...we'll be ready! Mom is coming on Saturday or Sunday to stay with the boys. They will be keeping busy while we're gone so that's good. Gives me one less thing to worry about.
I am so ready for a vacation. Work these last 2 weeks have been mentally exhausting. These boys I work with have been very difficult to handle and it's taking it's toll. Been falling asleep on the couch by 9:30 lately! Can't wait to get away from it all and spend some adult time with Brian before he gets super busy with work and is gone all the time.
I have only done a bit of scrapbooking however, I don't have any pics of the layouts to share. After this trip, I'll have a ton more!!
Zack is excited about his upcoming trip to Montreal and Quebec City. He is gone for 5 days and will have some awesome experiences. Good thing we bought him a digital camera for Christmas. He's already asked me to make him a scrapbook.
Gavin is trying patiently to wait for soccer to start and Carsyn wants to try baseball. Looks like we'll have about a month of downtime before those 2 are into stuff. Good thing is neither sport here involves weekends....woohoo!
I need to apologize to all of you for not staying up to date with your blogs. I feel horrible..I just don't feel like I have had time to sit and get to them all. It's my goal to touch base with you all before I leave. Might even need to send an email or too. I am embarrassed too cause I owe some of you some happy mail. I am trying to get it together and in the mail also before I go back to work after Spring break and am too busy to take care of the simple things in my life.
How's the weather where you are? I was certain we were officially into Spring but mother nature seems a bit confused around here.
Anyone doing anything for Spring break?
I doubt I'll be back to post anything until after we get back next week.
I'm sure I'll have many more exciting things to share then...and pics too!

Play safe and have fun everybody,


Anonymous said...

You've been a busy lady!! We've been kind of busy too with all the banking and funeral stuff. Miss you!

Stacy said...

hoping you have fun on vacay thanks for the comments to we are well we are sturgging but growing things look better every day

Deborah said...

Have a fabulous time in Vegas Laura!!!!!!!!

grover said...

you have a rockin' good time there laura!!!!!

way to go for Reilly-he must have been excited about the reward!

and that is awesome Z is going on a trip too-I am sure he will have a fantastic time!


Jocie said...

I cant believe that you are so close to Vegas! Have a great time!

Boo said...

Have a great time in Vegas Laura! Some much needed adult time with Brian!! Can't wait to hear about it!