Saturday, May 16, 2009

I love long weekends!

No school yesterday so got some scrapping in before taking kids for haircuts and then into the city shopping. Here are 2 recent layouts for challenges that were issued during 2 online crops...hooray...another Disney page completed based on a sketch...

and another challenge was to use a song from the 80's as a's what I came up with...

After shopping with the boys for jeans and things (mostly lego) we did the Costco thing and then met Brian for supper at our favorite Chinese buffet. He brought the younger 2 boys home and I kept the other 2 and we headed to WM for some more camping gear and a few odds and ends. Came home with a CSI game for my pink Nintendo DS that I got for Mother's Day.
Decided that Zack needed to try driving on the highway so I pulled over on the 4 lane and told him to get behind the wheel. He is license eligible at the end of July and has hardly driven even around our small town. He is going to be taking drivers ed but still..he needs more practice with us. Any time I thought about letting him drive I was almost sick to my stomach with nerves and you know was all for nothing. He did amazing...ended up driving onto the 2 lane and all the way home actually. He even parked perfectly out front. I was sooo proud of him and I have faith he will be a great driver with more hours behind the wheel.
Today has been spent doing yard work and planning for more yard it ever really done? We are going to make a cobblestone pathway from our front gate to the back yard...from scratch! I found a mold and all it takes is some ready mix concrete and we'll be good to go. I promise to share some before and after pics. The yard is really starting to come along and it will be so nice to sit back and enjoy it! I also have a really cool idea for a gate that I am hoping to get done this year too.
Reilly is writing Provincial Achievement Tests (do other provinces do this?) and he found out he got 93% on his math part A. Way to go Reilly...we are sooo proud of you. The principal also sent a letter home last week letting us know that Reilly has achieved honors in Science. I sure hope this continues for the rest of his schooling.
Carsyn just spent 3 days and 2 nights with the grade 4's in Drumheller on a fielsd trip. They have been learning about dinosaurs and finished it up with an excursion to the Royal Tyrell Museum, the Hoodoo's and stuff. He had a blast.
Gavin is loving soccer. When he wakes up on soccer days, it's the first thing out of his mouth...I have soccer today (with a big grin and wide eyes)!
Brian is home on days off this week so he is going to build my "flower bed" from my Grandma's antique bed frame and then I'll plant some flowers in it. Can't wait so see how it looks. He'll also be going into the city on Tuesday to get us a copy of this:

this is going to be so much fun to play...we can't wait!

Enjoy your long weekend!


Julie said...

Great to read an update on your busy life.

Our kids do PA exams too.They differ from year to year.Some years they don't have them.Sounds like you have a smart boy on your hands.

The thoughts of Kyle driving in a couple years terrifies me!!!! I'll be calling for some support.

I love your layouts.That photo of you is so pretty.

Ok,now I want a Wii!!!!!!!!

Boo said...

Laura! Love your LOs!!! The picture of you on the 80's song LO is fantastic.

Anonymous said...

Loving those LO's Laura...and love the update. I'm jealous of your pink DS though! What kind of Lego did you guys get?

Amber said...

Your layouts are fantastic Laura!!!! I can't wait to get that new game for Wii too!!!

grover said...

Love seeing those Disney pages!
What a great fun family photo on that layout!

I totally hear you on the stresses me out too..K wants to drive every single chance he can...i yi yi!!!!


Jocie said...

Lovin the Disney page!! :) I really want to try that active thing for the Wii...let me know how it is once you get it!

Stacy said...

hey here to give you some love love those los and i was looking at the wii game to i thinkits cool we are getting one for christmas around here we are getting wii fit to and some other games to let me know whats good