Wednesday, May 13, 2009

the time has come

for me to spend more time outside than in and on the computer.
The weather, for the most part , the last couple of weeks has been so nice that I am spending any "spare"time outside. Either puttering in the yard with flowers/weeding, finishing some projects from last year and of course starting new ones, just enjoying coffee on the patio or playing with the's been awesome!! On the flip side of that though, it leaves less time for the computer and scrapbooking. We're also running to soccer and baseball with Gavin and Carsyn. Zack and Reilly are starting to write exams. Brian is working out of town pretty steadily so I really do have little time to myself these days.
I cannot begin to tell you how much I am looking forward to summer vacation!! Actually, I am almost as excited for the May long weekend....just some time with no where to go and to do how much or how little we choose.
That being said, I did manage to scrapbook a smidge here and there over the last couple of weeks...I just haven't had time to take pics of the layouts to share.
I've been pretty consistent with my workouts too...which feels soooo good! Not quite bathing suit ready but hey...these things take!
I'm trying to type and think so fast and get you all caught up on things...even if it's the coles notes version (I'm sure I am forgetting some of our more exciting
Zack is going to be taking drivers ed soon as he is eligible for his license at the end of July.
We bought a huge family tent (and will pick up things like a screen house, stove etc) and are looking forward to a family reunion in July. We also have plans to camp with friends a few times this summer. If we like it, we might upgrade to a trailer next year...we'll see.
I am off to Winnipeg in June to visit with some fabulous people I know and meet some other online friends in real life..I can't wait!!
I know it might not seem like much to post about for as busy as I say we've been but really, we have been and are but most of it is just daily stuff that carries over to the next day and so on. I'm sure you know how it goes...not enough hours in a day!
I hope to make blog rounds soon and catch up on some emails.
I am not ignoring anyone...I promise!
love ya...take care,


Stacy said...

love your blog look laura gorgeous!!! and i bought a laptop sp i could computer outside lol!!!!

Amber said...

Can't wait to meet you in June!!!
Enjoy your time outside, although maybe not this weekend. *sigh*