Monday, April 2, 2007

ending of an era, turning of the page

So, it's official. My Mom has sold her house and is moving to Saskatchewan by the end of April. I knew it was only a matter of time but it was still hard to hear that there was a strong offer on the house and that it was probably going to sell. I panicked and we made a spur of the moment trip to visit over the weekend. It's not like this is my childhood home or anything but I was still attached to it and so were the boys. A lot of good times were had there along with a lot of memories made. It is sad to know that we will be starting over, in a sense at their new house. Part of me is worried to that we won't see each other as often because now the drive for either of us will basically take the entire day instead of a few hours. Carsyn asked me when we got to Grandma's on Friday if we'll ever see her again when she moves. I giggled, because of course we're still going to see each other. Maybe not as often but probably for longer periods of time. It will become 'quality vs quantity' instead....which might be ok too. It's just going to be different and that will take some time to get used to I guess. Here is a pic of the boys by the for sale sign. Not long after we left, the 'sold' sign got slapped across it.
On another note, we are finished with extra curricular activities for awhile. No more soccer, hockey, basketball...all finished!! Now you would think that this should free up time for scrappbooking...I kinda doubt it. With the weather turning to Spring (eventually it has to right...?) we'll be spending more time outdoors playing and yard work. Lots of yard work this year at our house...I hope!! That depends....on Brian's work.
Awhile back I posted about a potential job offer that could dramatically affect our lives and future. Hopefully all in a postive way, only time will tell. That job offer will be on the table tonight!! We'll have some decisions to make either way and I'll keep everyone posted as the details spill!!
Other than that, the boys are on Spring break, I have had the chance to get a few household projects done and the focus this week is to do some planning for the Pre K program I'll be teaching starting next week. Should be a busy week ahead, but that is good...I need stuff to keep my mind busy (especially today as I watch the clock
Have a great week everyone, if the weather cooperates and the sun shines, get out there and enjoy it, I know I will.


Stacy said...

tee hee laura i am so opposite on this issue i cannot wait to get rid of my house lol!! do you think its a good idea to sell lol!!

Sherri said...

Just wanted to slip in Laura and wish you and yours a very very happy Easter weekend! Take care and chat with you soon!

Mary P. said...

Hey Laura, waving hi!! I still drive by my childhood home whenever I'm in town and look at it longingly. I can totally relate!!

MonaS! said...

Good luck on the job offer! I hope everything goes the way you want it to.

I know about the distance thing - its tough when family lives so far away. (((HUGS))) to ya girl!

Anonymous said...

so girl....where's the update...waiting patiently!!!!!

Hope you have a wonderful Easter Holiday!!!