Tuesday, August 26, 2008

accidents happen

just wanted to let those of you who may not know that we had a bit of a scare yesterday with Reilly.
An innocent crab apple fight ended up with him getting one right in the eye causing his eye to fill with blood. I sped him to the hospital here in town and the doctor took one look at it and made arrangements to see a specialist in the city. He further decided we need to go there by ambulance.
On route to the hospital here, everything looked green to him out of his hurt eye. At the hospital, he said everything looked white. The doctor took one look at him and said we needed to go see this other doctor who would know if he needed surgery etc. Reilly started crying when we were alone and he told me he was afraid of surgery and being blind. It took everything I am made of not to cry too. While we were waiting for the doctor to get us in with the specialist, he could see a bluish white of his Dad's shirt. I held up a colored doctors glove and he could kinda make out the color of that too...he had no idea what it was but the color was at least there. On the way to the city, he was able to make out more colors and could even read the letters off of the big trucks...I was feeling pretty hopeful but we still had to see what the tests would show.
We bypassed emergency and went straight to the specialist where they ran several tests and after about an hour, we got the fabulous news that he will make a full recovery as long as he follows doctors orders for the next week. We have to be careful that there is no re-bleed as that could cause complications. He is to sleep sitting up at no less than a 30' incline, only allowed to get up to go to the bathroom and has drops he has to take. We go back to the specialist on Thursday for a follow up...hopefully the news is even better. His eye looks soooo much better...most of the blood has drained out of his eye and he can see as good as he could before so that's excellent.
I'll keep ya'll posted.
If anyone has any ideas on things I can do to keep an 11 year old still for 7 days, please share. The doctor said he could use the computer, watch tv and play video games as much as he wants for the week...that's a pretty good prescription for a boy his age I'd say! His spirits are good and he's not been too demanding...yet!

I am very grateful to the Doctor here who realized Reilly needed something they couldn't offer him and for the ambulance driver and attendants who got us there quickly and safely and for being soooo good with Reilly in the back.


grover said...

scary stuff..
how is he feeling now?

man..to keep a 11 yr old down for that long..maybe rent some games or movies he has not tried/seen before?

board games..or should i say BORED GAMES..lol..

Stacy said...

so glad reilly is on the mend so scary i say load him up with the stuff like videos and games and let him be all will work out later

Jocie said...

WOW laura...that is scary...especially with the eye! I would say video games as well...does he like to read? I hope everything turns out alright!!

Sherri said...

Wow Laura that does sound like a bit more of a scary time than you all needed ~ I am so happy that Reilly is going to make a full recovery and didn't need any surgery ~ just some good rest and recovery time ~ thinking of you all!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Laura! It never rains but it pours. Must have been very scary. Hope he's feeling better now and good luck getting him to stay still.

Heike x