Sunday, August 31, 2008


so Reilly saw the opthamologist on Thursday...he's healing nicely and we go back for another checkup next Thursday. He wants Reilly on bed rest till then...that means he won't be starting school on Tuesday with everyone else but that's ok...we'd rather he heels completely before getting back into action.
Poor guy is officially bored though...has been for a couple of days!
Yesterday, I sat and played go fish with him and then the boys joined in and we played a few rounds of Old Maid. I think some Yahtzee is on the agenda for today and of course we'll all be watching the Roughriders vs. Bluebombers game this afternoon so that'll keep him occupied for a few hours.

Other than that, we are ready for back to school and I am soooooo excited for the boys to go back. This last couple of weeks they've done nothing but fight and argue with each other. I was thinking about the year round school that some places offer and ya know...they are on to something! Seriously, I'd rather have the boys home for longer at Christmas, Easter and a fall break and only one month in the summer...2 months at home is too!! Perhaps it'll be different next year when Brian takes holidays and we go camping and stuff with them. We're all getting golf clubs too so we can do that as a family (better get me some lessons cause it's not quite the same as mini

I spent the day yesterday scrapbooking (did 4 pages) and making some samples of wedding invitations for a friend getting married in the Dominican next March...will share them after she decides which one she goes with. She had some great ideas for "something different".

Not much else going on...with Reilly's injury we haven't done too much else in the last week. I did clean and purge the laundry/storage room so we can knock out a wall in the family room, making the laundry room smaller and the family room bigger. Won't do too much else till Brian is home for a few months this winter. Working on ideas for the garage still. I really want to make it into a scrap studio but Brian and the kids want a rec room with pinball machine, video game system, mini fridge/microwave etc....a place for the guys to hang out. Somehow, I have a feeling I am going to lose this battle as I am seriously out numbered!!

Enjoy the rest of the long weekend and Happy back to school for those of you with kids...I know I'm going to enjoy it...maybe too!


Boo said...

I'm happy that Reilly is healing okay. It could have been so much worse than it is. Phew!

I cannot imagine what it would be like to have 4 boys! I can see how you are excited for school. LOL

I hope that if you lose the garage that you can somehow get a room in the house for yourself. You are the only female and they should be spoiling you!

Anonymous said...

Glad Reilly is on the mend, If my vote helps I vote for you to get a scrapbook studio


Sherri said...

Well I am sure you are ready for school haha ~ my son has a couple friends over and I get tired, I can't imagine 4 underfoot all the time haha ~ brave woman you! I am glad that Reilly is healing up well, and just continue to let him know that the good recovery means a good eyeball!!!

And yep I can see how you would be outnumbered haha ~ like you stook a chance in the first place haha, but hey I agree if they have their space they need to let you have yours somewhere too ~ and at least them having that space will keep them out of yours!!! Take care

grover said...

glad things are looking up for him :-)

now..this if they move out there..would that leave you room in the basement or something?

Jocie said...

Im glad to here that Reilly is doing better...poor kid though! He must be bored!

I cant wait to see your invites for your friends wedding!