Wednesday, August 20, 2008

game day and gadgets

tomorrow, all 6 of us will be heading off to the football stadium to watch the Edmonton Eskimos take on the Saskatchewan Roughriders and we are soooo excited!!
We love our football at this house and to have the chance to watch these 2 teams play live and in person is going to be a blast! Especially since Brian is the only Eskimo fan! Well, we all are actually EXCEPT when they play the Roughriders! So, again this year, the 5 of us will be wearing our Rider Pride and Brian will be in his Esks shirt. My Aunt and Cousin as well as another Uncle and Cousin will be joining us...we all went together last year and had a blast hootin and hollerin! Oh and our neighbors are coming too! Check back for the pics...the boys have picked out some crazy things to wear to the game!!

You know you are domesticated when you get excited over things that make your life as a Mom and housewife easier...girls... I have to tell you...I am in love with my new Swiffer sweeper vac. It's a rechargable vacuum with swiffer duster cloth. It has a reusable filter and it's safe for laminate, hardwood, ceramic tile, linoleum...basically any floor surface other than carpet. Seriously, no Mom should be without this! I couldn't believe how much it picked up from my floor...chunks of food from under the table, scraps of paper from my scrapbooking's awesome! Go out and get yourself one!!

here are some of the Disney layouts I have done.

and this one just's a song that is very special to us and I wanted to make sure I documented it for the boys...not that I think any of them will forget.
It's the story of how the song, "I'm Already There" by Lonestar came to be known as "The Daddy Song" Most of you know that Brian is on the road a lot with his work...even more so since we started our own company last year. The lyrics to this song, pretty much describe our life to a T and after the first time the boys heard it (7 years ago) they gave it a new this day, whenever they hear this song, they say, "hey, it's the Daddy song"...if you are not familiar with it, here is a link to the video on youtube I'm Already There

and with that, I'm outta here.


MonaS! said...

Beautiful los my dear - especially the Disney ones! Only a couple of months until we are going ourselves. I will get to the tags later today or tomorrow I promise!

Love ya - enjoy the football game. I know what its like to have 2 sets of fans - with us its the Bombers and the Eskies.

Boo said...

Enjoy the football game! I can say that I'm not a fan of football.

Your LOs are fabulous! Love the flowers!!! ;o) ;o)

My fave is the Woody LO. Love the stitching to look like his shirt! Fantastic Laura!!!!

grover said...

love the disney pages..takes me to my happy place :-) tfs them with us!

have fun at your game-family events like that are really something to look forward too!

now this swiffer..hmm..maybe i need one..i am tired of chasing dust bunnies around!

MonaS! said...

alright 0 I did it - I did the tag! Thanx girl!

Sherri said...

Hey Laura,

Love the new layouts up ~ awesome ~ and hope you all enjoyed the game in Edmonton last week, my bosses are season ticket holders so they are at all the games theirselves ~ so I get highlights haha.

We will have to figure out a way to meet up sometime when you come this way or maybe I should come your way :-)

Take care and have a great last week before school starts :-)