Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Last day in Vegas

well everyone, here it is...our last day in Vegas.
After getting to sleep so late Wednesday night, we had decided to sleep in and take things a bit slower paced today. Until we both woke up earlier than we thought and decided to get ready, pack up and head to the Bellagio for brunch. My Paris margarita was still partly frozen so what the heck...has some while getting ready...when in Vegas right...lol. Managed to check out and leave our bags with the porters and scooted off to brunch. It took forever to find the restaurant inside this place and when we did finally get there, the line up was sooo long. We were actually worried we might not get in to eat before brunch ended. Turns out we did and it wouldn't have mattered cause as we were eating our breakfast, they were starting to put out the lunch buffet. If a person was hungry enough and timed it right, you could go for breakfast and lunch buffet.
Here are some pics from the Bellagio...
this was a light in the lobby...it's soo pretty (and it's actually really big too I just zoomed in to show the details)

these are all from the Bellagio Gardens...so beautiful

love these watering can fountains

and this snail made with different kinds of flowers

this last pic I took just for my Mom who loves butterflies. They have a butterfly habitat there actually and I took more pics than this for her.

It was after this that my camera batteries died and I don't have a lot of pics to share from the rest of our day. We didn't do too much that we hadn't already done in the previous 3 days.
I managed to turn the camera on and snapped a quick pic of this 27 foot tall chocolate fountain...

and this is a shot of the store where it is...I was so upset I couldn't get the camera to stay on long enough to get a picture of the desserts they make here..it would blow you away

never mind...we figured out how to add a video of them. I will make some stills to include in our scrapbook.

After we wiped the drool off our chins, we went back to Bill's where Brian finally tried his hand at craps.

This is something he had wanted to do since we booked the trip back in January but was too nervous to try up until now. Mostly because the tables were usually pretty full and with people playing with more money than he was willing to risk.
That and the fact he had never played before!
We popped back into the Paris for one last look around and then headed back to Caesar's Palace to play the exact same Village People slot machine Brian got lucky on day 2. After getting lucky yet again, we made our way slowly back to TI to get our bags. The porter got our bags and snagged us a cab and that was it...we were off to the airport. Had some extra time after security so we had dinner, picked up some last minute souvenirs for friends and the kids.
After boarding the plane, it hit me like a brick wall how tired I was. After taxiing to the runway and sitting there for 20 minutes waiting our turn to take off (they mus line the planes up nose to tail I tell ya), we were on our way home. Thrilled and exhausted!
I slept most of the way home on the plane while Brian watched a movie.
After landing, gathering our bags, clearing customs and heading back to park 'n' jet, we were in the truck. Stopped at the nearest Timmie's, grabbed a coffee and hit the road. Again, I slept most of the 3 hour drive home. Finally pulled in the driveway at 3:45am Friday. Crawled into bed at 4.

I'll post some odds and ends that may have been missed in this 4 day trip report as well as everyday happenings and goings on.
Till then,


Peggy said...

I've enjoyed reading your trip reports and seeing your amazing pics.
What a fantastic trip the two of you had.

Lori said...

Laura, thank you for sharing this with all of us. You and Brian had an amazing trip, and you have documented it so well - great memories to cherish!
An amazing awesome trip to Vegas! :)

Julie said...

I have thoroughly enjoyed your trip through your blog. Now I want to go to Vegas! Those desserts were to die for. I am such a sucker for a good dessert!

grover said...

Great trip report Laura..it was fun to see Vegas thru your eyes!
Loving all the photos-so much to see!

Amber said...

Wow, you got the most beautiful shots!!!! I am a little sad that this was the last day!!! LOL!

Jocie said...

WOW! Thanks for the great trip report! I love the watering can fountains!!

Boo said...

I love reading about your trip! your photos are stunning!