Monday, April 6, 2009

Vegas day 1 we go.
Not sure what you guys want to see or hear about...and some of it you won't cause some of what happens in Vegas must stay in Vegas (or at least not be posted

So, we get up and head to the airport Monday morning (had to be there for 7am) at which time I find out from Brian he hadn't slept since about 2am cause he was so!
The guy at security was kind of an a$$ but whatever, we get through. Flight was awesome. Normally, I don't do well with landing but didn't even notice this time...I even looked out the window as we hit the runway cause we were on the side of the plane that looked at the strip. You land literally right beside it...was way cool. Brian put the landing and the view on video. Was surprised (don't know why) that they have slot machines as soon as you get off the plane!!
Grab a cab and head to our hotel...took less than 20 mins. Our room was ready so we checked in and then headed to the Fashion Show Mall for lunch. Walked around a bit there and then headed off toward the Stratosphere. Stopped in at a few hotels/casino's along the way taking some pics of the interiors and lobbies etc. I had a thing for the different lights...they were so...i dunno...out there in some places.
We popped in to Circus Circus...didn't stay long though. Got to the Stratosphere...checked out the casino. Spent a few bucks and then headed to the top. Here's the view from inside the viewing tower:

this is the view from outside on the observation deck (a little bit higher still)

and this is the view Brian got when he went on the "Insanity" ride
it hangs you out over the edge and spins around and around and your seat eventually is overlooking the strip at a 45' angle!! I watched while taking pics and making a video.

After this we hopped on the Deuce and went to Freemont Street. We had soo much fun in downtown Vegas. Spent some money at the Golden Nugget...

this is me...playing the slots for the very first time ever

this is me cashing out my $18.60 after putting in 2 bucks...I'm such a

After supper here, we checked out the hotel a bit...they have a waterslide that goes through a shark tank (that part is completely covered in obviously) but it would be kinda cool to go through.
We took in 2 or 3 of the Freemont Experience shows that they play on this dome like thing over the street all set to music. If I knew how to add video to my bog I would show you. It was sooo very cool (I'll see if I can figure it out and post it with day 2).
Brian had been wanting to go to 'Mermaids' sooo badly so we headed across the street and on the way in, he asked the ladies outside, who were passing out Mardi Gras beads, if they would pose for a picture with him. While they were posing, Brian let out a "woohoo"..I was thinking he was just excited to be here. Turns out, the one on the right, grabbed his ass so hard and held onto it for the duration of the photo!

I was sooo happy too cause they still have here, the older slot machines you put coins in and can pull the handle...Brian took a pic of me pulling the one arm bandit...

and this might be the highlight of the trip for Brian..a $0.99 deep fried twinkie
(also enjoyed at Mermaids)

With him being awake half the night and traveling, we called it a night pretty early. We took the Deuce back to Circus Circus and walked the rest of the way back to Treasure Island. Here are a few more snapshots:

I think we were in bed by 10:30...pretty sad for Vegas we!

Day 2 coming soon.


Lori said...

Laura, I just love how you are sharing your trip with us - this is so much fun to read!
Your pictures are awesome - that insanity ride that Brian went on - OMG - I can't even imagine! Did he like it?
Brian did have LOTS of fun at Mermaids, lol.
The deep fried twinkie looks amazing - I wondered if you would do that on the first night.
Laura - your pictures are - WOW - super job - the lights are stunning!
Thanks for sharing.....can't wait for Day 2!

Anonymous said...

Ohhh, so much fun! I love it. So how WAS the deep fried twinkie? I have to know, I still cry a bit knowing I didn't have one!
I'm so glad you loved Fremont as much as I much fun huh?
I can't believe Brian went on the insanity ride, whoaaaaa, looks so terrifying to me!!!!

Can't wait for day 2!!!

Julie said...

LOL!!!! I really laughed at the girl grabbing Brian's behind! Great shots,looks like lots of fun. I can't wait to see Day 2.

I totally get the name of that ride.Brian must of been completely insane!

scrapbugger said...

Laura, you really captured the day - thanks for sharing!! Sounds like a fun filled 1st day (how did you fit ALL that in AND get to bed by 10:30?) Can't wait to hear more about your trip!!!!

Anonymous said...

There is no way I would get on the ride. Your hubby must be totally insane. But then again, my stepson would probably try it at least once. lol Looks like you had a great trip. I love your pics!!

Amber said...

Awesome pictures!!!! That ride looks so scary!!!! OMG!!!!
Can't wait to see more!!!

Peggy said...

You did a lot on your first day.
That ride is totally insane. :)
Too funny about Brian and the ladies. No wonder he wants to go back. LOL

Nicole said...

Looks like you guys enjoyed yourselves...sigh, I miss is so much fun!! Can't wait to hear more!

Aleks said...

wow, looks like a great trip Laura! You got some great pics! I admit that deep fried twinkie...made me a little ill. your POV makes it look HUMONGOUS!!Did you taste it?

Jocie said...

Oh my goodness guys sure fit in alot in day 1!! I cant believe your DH went on that ride....yikes! The view from up there is incredible though hey! Cant wait to read about day 2!

grover said...

Hey Laura!
Lovin' all the really captured VEGAS!!
Sounds like a ton of fun..I am waiting to read about day 2..chop chop girlie!