Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Vegas day 2

So, it's Tuesday morning and we leave TI and start to make our way to Magaritaville for breakfast. Stopped to take some pics and video along the way...I love how pretty this hotel front is...

the erupting volcano at the Mirage was under repairs when we were there so we didn't get to see it at night.
This is Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville (and for the record, neither Brian or I thought their breakfast was all that wow)

I do love this bar though...

and the chairs...thinking we should get some and paint them for the backyard!

from here we went into the Flamingo (they are attached). The casino is PINK! Carpets, neon lighting...crazy pink!
We checked out the courtyard area...of course they have flamingos

and these cute turtles

this is in the courtyard area pretty

We then crossed the street and went into Ceasar's Palace. Man, this place is sooo big and it's gorgeous inside.
this is a dance floor/club

a wall mural/sculpture

the entrance into one of the restaurants

and the lobby

No expense was spared in the building of this hotel I tell ya...the detailing is unreal.
We played some slots here...Brian got lucky on the "Village People Party" was pretty fun actually. There are a lot of high end stores in the Forum Shoppes...Tiffany&Co, Gucci, Cartier, Louis Vuitton...places I only took pictures of cause let's be clear...I cannot afford to shop there!!
check out this fountain...

seriously, unlike anything I have ever seen.
kinda like all this gelato...I had to take a pic cause it was so incredible (they were giving out free samples and I tried the reese PB cup...drool!)

After Ceasars, we went to check out Harrah's. It wasn't anything special but we went to the Mac King Comedy and Magic was great fun and gave us a chance to sit and rest our feet from all the walking. After that, we went to Toby Keith's "I love this Bar&Grill" for a drink and an appetizer (it's also located in Harrah's) I loved this place, just walking through the front door put a big smile on my face!

this belt and buckle is above the dance floor

just a fun neon light

we had the most delicious drinks here. Brian had one called "Toadsuck Pond" and mine was called "Georgia Peach"...the list what's in them on the website so we are going to get the stuff and figure out the ratios (by taste testing of of each liquor so we can make them at home.
From here, we made our way to the Venetian. Another extremely beautiful hotel.

You can take a gondola ride either outside or in on their canals and you are sung to as you paddle around...this is on our list for next time. Madame Tussauds Wax Museum is also here but we did not have time to go (also on the list for next time)
They have living statues here though...they were very cool.

Time is ticking so we head back to TI and get ready to go out to dinner. We were told to eat at Maggiano's in the Fashion Show Mall. We went there for supper and OMGosh...sooo good! The portions were so big, Brian couldn't even eat the brick of lasagna he ordered. I kid you not, this piece of lasagna was about 4 inches square and 3 inches was massive!
So, after dinner, we head back to the Venetian for...the Blueman Group!!! I was sooooo excited I could hardly wait. Brian was along cause I wanted to see them so badly. Turns out, he loved it just as much as I did. We were obviously not allowed to take pictures or video (which I am kinda glad about cause it was nice just to enjoy it all. If we had been busy with pics and vid, we may not have had as much fun). If any of you ever have a chance to see them in Vegas...DO IT!! It was worth every penny. We sat 6th row almost will blow you away! (no matter where you sit) I think this was the highlight of the trip for me!
After the show, it was early still so we went to Harrah's to see the dueling piano show. Couldn't get a seat but stood and watched for a bit. Had a hard time deciding what to do after that. Can you Vegas and not knowing what to do? We both think it had something to do with being entertained at the Mac king show and Blueman (plus we were pretty pumped after their performance) that we were hoping someone/thing would entertain us. Decided to head back to TI and managed to catch the "Sirens" show they put on their nightly. I will not be sharing any pics of that though as it was pretty riske. Spent a little time playing slots before calling it a night around midnight.
There is day 2 in a nutshell!


Anonymous said...

FUN! Love all the pics, and yea, Sirens was quite...well, interesting to say the least! :)

redmom said...

Wow that's one jam packed day! I so want to see the Blue Man group!

Amber said...

You got amazing pics!!! Love hearing about your trip!

Peggy said...

love all your pics. awesome trip you and Brian had.

Anonymous said...

Amazing photos!!!

Julie said...

OK,now I'm envious! Do you know how much I have wanted to see the blue man group?!

It looks like you had an awesome vacation Laura.

Angele said...

great pictures! makes me want to go somewhere...anywhere with DH! keep the updates coming:)

Lori said...

So cool Laura, you certainly made good use of your time. I agree with you, Caesar's Palace is unbelievable!

Can't wait for Day 3! :)

Nicole said...

Love the shots!!! Hearing about your trip makes me want to go back bad!!

grover said...

I am enjoying your trip guys are having such a blast! So many neat things to see and do-I can't wait to go there now-I should be making notes :-)
Blueman Group is playing in Orlando when we are there..don't think we will have the time to see them bad as I keep hearing about them. the Sirens know we all want to see them!!!!!