Monday, June 8, 2009

goin' to Winnipeg

and not because I got on the wrong flight and was really supposed to be going to (think Fountain Tire commercial)
Although, with the crappy weather we've been having here (and I hear it's more of the same in the Peg) Hawaii is sounding pretty good. Although, my best scrappin' friends aren't in Hawaii.
I am sooo excited to beading East and meeting up with some pretty cool gals for the weekend. Lots I met just last year for the very first time IRL and some will be newbies this year. There have been friendships made, babies born, new vehicles bought and trips taken...sooo much to catch up on. It's going to be a fabulous weekend!!
Brian will be home with the boys for some guy time and they are pretty excited about that too.
Time is of the essence with the end of the school year very quickly approaching. I am making memory books for Gavin's for each kid in the class and she wants them done by next Friday!! In all, there will be 16 pages in the book but some are photo copies of their writing or whatever but least 10 of them need to be scrapped...I'm starting to stress a little!! Needless to say, I haven't had much time for my own scrapbooking as of late so I have nothing scrappy to share :(
Soccer and ball are done next week too so that will allow a bit more free time in my life although I am trying to help Zack and Reilly study for finals and more Provincial Achievement Tests...if it's not one thing it's another hey!
I really need to pack some scrapping's so hard to figure out what to take when you are traveling that far. Need to go shopping for some clothes and the guys would like some food while I'm gone too. That takes care of tomorrow it's Carsyn's birthday...he's hitting double digits!
Before I know it, it'll be Friday and I'll be miles from home not thinking about any of it...can't wait!


Nicole said...

Can't wait to see you on Sunday !!! Have a safe trip!

grover said...

I can't believe how time goes by so quickly and that it is already a year since I last saw you!

Have fun light as I am sure you will have plenty of goodies to bring home with you!

See you soon :-)

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful time Laura, wish I could be there! :)

Deborah said...

Sunday will be so much fun!!

Jocie said...

Cant wait to see you on Sunday!! I never got to meet you IRL last year , so Im so excited!!