Saturday, February 24, 2007


Sure has been a busy week and not too bad either. Only a couple of glitches along the way, one being that one of the boys put a hockey puck through one of the garage door windows and then something went wrong with the heating system in our minivan. The dealership was able to get me in yesterday and fixed it and the dvd player that had stopped working. Just in time too as we will be living in the van today. We have a hockey game 45 minutes from here this morning and when we get back, we have to drive for 3 hours to surprise my Mom for her 50th birthday and then drive back tonight because we have hockey here tomorrow morning. So having the dvd player fixed will be a little bit of savings grace. I cannot wait to see the look on my Mom's face when she shows up at the restaurant and sees all of her kids, grandkids, parents and siblings!! Too bad we won't be able to stay much past 9pm, as that will put us back home around midnight. It would be nice to visit with my grandparents longer. Such is life I guess.
Brian had an important phone call yesterday that could lead to a life altering situation for us. I can't really say too much as they are still in the process of working out the details so I don't know everything yet. The offer will be on the table for Brian April 2 and then I'll be able to fill everyone in.
On Wednesday morning, Gavin came up to me and said, "Hey Mom, check this out." I turned my head to see him 'winking' with this totally cute and scrunched up face. It was so cute, I of course had to take a picture...check it out

I can't wait to scrap this. It's not really a 'milestone' as such but I thought it was a big deal and he was sooooo proud of himself. What a cutie hey!!!
Have a great weekend everyone.


Anonymous said...

hey girl....hope the party went well....hope you had loads of fun!

Too cute with the 4 year okd little dude will do that to it!

Hey...ya love george? ;o)

MonaS! said...

hope you had a good time at the party!

Good luck with the "life-altering" situation - know how those can be! Hopefully things go the way you want them too! Have a good day!

Sherri said...

Hey Laura - Just wanted to pop in and say hi - and thanks for taking a boo at my attempt at blogging too!
Take care
chat soon
Sherri :)