Thursday, February 8, 2007 might be it!!

So, thanks to Jessi, I've been it goes

A=Available? nope, spoken for since the early 90's
B=Best Friend - Vicki and Jessi, without them...I don't even want to imagine
C= Cake or pie - either or depending on flavors, love white cake but also pumpkin or apple pie and I do like to indulge in the occasional piece of cheesecake
D= Drink of choice - depends on time of day: morning I love my coffee with southern butterpecan creamer (I'm like a junkie in the morn. looking for my first sip), water & coke (sometimes with vanilla vodka)
E= Essential item you use everyday - my phone, without a doubt
F= Favorite color: brown
G= gummie bears or worms- neither actually but I do love sour soothers
H= Hometown - not really sure what to put here, was born in Swift Current, SK but kinda consider Red Deer my hometown.
I= Indulgences - scrapbooking supplies and time for me...alone!!
J= January or February - January, it's when I was born and I like that we associate "new" with January
K= Kids and Names - 4 boys: Zack, Reilly, Carsyn and Gavin
L= Life is incomplete without... the men in my life, family, love, laughing
M= Marriage date - October 7/95
N=Number of siblings- 2 brothers, both younger than me
O= Oranges or apples - either: apples(dipped in caramel sauce) or Christmas oranges
P= Phobias or Fears - dying too young
Q= Favorite Quote - "All children are gifted, some just open their packages sooner than others"-unknown
R= Reason to smile -the men in my life, the friends I have and waking up each day to be a part of it all
S= Season - married in this season for a reason:colors and smells in the air
T= Tag 3 or 4 people - Kelsey, Mary, and Lynn ..have fun ladies, can't wait to see your answers!!!
U= Unknown fact about me: I love to play Tetris on the N64
V= Vegetable you don’t like - would be shorter to list which ones I DO like...hehe
W= Worst habit - worrying
X= X-rays - not that I can recall
Y= Your favorite food - if I have to pick just one I'd say Fettucinni Alfredo (with or without chicken)
Z= Zodiac Sign - Capricorn


Renee said...

I miss living in Red Deer!!! I would love to to move back there...but alas at the moment is not to be...great tag!

jessi said...

hee hee...did you think you wouldn't get your turn??!! LOL!! awesome...full of goodness...ciao for now !!

Mary P. said...

You tagged me, thanks. I'll do it after the weekend, I'm super busy with the breast cancer crop this weekend. Thx :)