Sunday, February 4, 2007

binge and purge

What a know the one you get when you rid yourself of clutter? We have been plugging away at some boxes/bins and piles of stuff the last couple of days and let me tell feels so good. Almost like I lost 10 pounds...(I'm working on that too). It's so liberating to free up space for the stuff you really need to keep and not the crap. I am surprised a bit at how much unnecessary stuff there is in this house because I thought I purged a lot 18 months ago before we moved here...guess not!! With the stuff we've gotten rid of, we'll soon be able to put up a wall making our laundry room a bit smaller (it's oversized) and then my DH will have his own "retro" room, where he can set up his record player and 200+ cassette tapes. We'll get some shelving of sorts to display his comic book collection too. Should be sooo cool when we get it done.I know he is excited. Then, the rest of the basement renos can start. Would be nice if we can get that done before Spring as then there is stuff to do in our yard...does it ever end? I guess I'll have to attack my scrap stuff too, since I'm getting rid of stuff that isn't being used or needed :(
So, I was visiting Mona's blog, and she was talking about fears. Well, it was my own fear that prevented me from going and meeting up with some great ladies I've met online at Love2Scrap. I was scared to walk into a crop all alone and introduce myself. What a baby hey?
It sounds like they all had a good time meeting face to face and I missed it. It's my own fault though and I am going to go to the next one, if the hockey schedule permits. I'll just make sure to find out more specifically when everyone plans on arriving and how long they plan on staying, cause I did muster up the nerve later in the day to drive in and then had doubts after Brian asked if they would still be there...turns out some of them were. You just never know!
With all this 'clean sweeping' going on in my house, I haven't had the time to scrap. I do have some cool project ideas running around in my mind. Hopefully sooner rather than later, I'll be able to transfer them into a long as my mojo is still hanging around.
Have a great week everyone.


Mary P. said...

Good for you on with the clean sweep, I so need to do one of those soon. I hope you go meet your lss friends soon, scrapping buddies are great, I'm so glad I've met the women I have through scrapbooking. A lot of them are women I probably would not have met in the course of everyday life.

Renee said...

I'm in the process of cleaning out cupboards and closets and rooms too! It feels good! I almost can't wait to move just so I have an uncluttered home!

jessi said... a baby??!!! I don't beleive it for a second...lOL!!! that name, i thought was reserved for me...the one who needs to hold someones hand before doing anything!!! Sorry I wasn't able to come up...again...grrr to my husband!! next one...
when's coffee??? ciao for now!

Anam_Kihaku said...

*hugs* crops on yoru own suck - i did it when i first came to canada last summer. next time youw ant to go to a crop, shout cos i am sure we'd all like to go :)

Stacy said...

so glad to hear you broke the barrier again good to know i have lost 5 inches i dont have a scale to message the weight but i am liking the inches part tee hee have not been on the treadmill for a bit better start again today

Lynn said...

I know exactly how you feel!!! I feelt the same when I teach in front of 25 women.... lol Not sure if it gets any easier! Once you are there though it is so much fun!
Have a great day!