Monday, April 30, 2007

did you know....?

that the Telus World of Science has some really cool exhibits? We went there on Sunday to see the Lego Secrets of the Pharo's and it was amazing. What they can do with a bunch of colored plastic blocks is is a sampling of what we saw...
this was built out of mega blocks and is at the entrance to the exhibit

this is beyond cool..
how about this...amazing hey?
even the plant pots are huh?
King Tut's mask

anyway, there was way more than that to see and I might have to do a picasa collage so you can see just boggled my mind. I can't imagine what Legoland will do to me next!! We walked through all of the other exhibits they have and learned some cool stuff. The last time we went there, Gavin was about 18 months, so this time was completely different for all the boys. What I like about it is that there is something for everyone, no matter what your age and each time you visit, you learn something new. Anyway, I highly recommend it to anyone visiting the Edmonton area. Oh, we also participated in a Lego mindstorm robotic mission where the robot had to be programmed by us and everything. Brian and the boys had a blast with that...I took the pics!!
My brother delivered the boys their Christmas gift last Thursday...a 12ft springless, enclosed trampoline...they are soooo excited! Now we just need to put it together. I think Brian and the boys will do that this weekend while I am at my scrap retreat...can't wait!! I've been packing in between scrappin', regular household duties, baking and yard work. Flowers are starting to bloom...yay...color in the yard! Can't wait to fill the pots and baskets too.
Not much else happening actually. Field trips are in full swing...hard to believe that school is almost over for another year!! Looking forward to a nice relaxing summer!
Short and sweet this time...gotta get started with the bedtime routine, that is as soon as I can drag them in from outside!! Have a good week everyone.


Lea said...

Cool pics, Laura!!! We need to bring our boys there again; they are LEGO freaks!!!

Sherri said...

Awesome pics Laura - sounds like a lot of fun - we (my kid and I) should head over there one weekend as well and check out some of the new stuff, we haven't been there for awhile.

You have a blast at your retreat this weekend! Sounds like so much fun! Hope we all get some scrapbooking done this weekend, can't wait to see what you have designed :-)

Sounds like you have had a busy busy week, it's been so rainy here but all good, just some moisture to have everything green up when the sun comes back!

Take care and chat with you soon!

MonaS! said...

Looks like you had alot of fun! Gonna have to take Malachi to check out the exhibit before they are gone!

grover said...

that is so neat..amazing what you can build out of lego!

heike said...

Showed my boys these pics, they are Lego fanatics and have a whole garage full of the stuff. I swear we have more Lego than your average toy store, lol.

Anonymous said...

Those pics are amazing!! It would really great to see these things in person.