Saturday, April 14, 2007

Monkey's swinging in a tree...

I couldn't resist taking some pics of the boys climbing the tree in our front yard this afternoon.

They have spent the last 2 days outside...only coming in long enough to scarf down a meal now and then. It's been great...their fighting has been minimal and they have actually been really nice to each other. At one point today, I looked out the window and Carsyn and Reilly were playing catch with each other, Zack was tossing a football back and forth down the middle of the street with one of the neighbor boys (sure can't do that in the city) and Gavin was playing soccer on the front lawn with the other neighbor boy. For a moment, I just stood there, watching them, and that moment was Norman Rockwell moment if you will! I made a comment to Brian about it and that maybe someday, all these boys will come home from college and hang out together, just like they are now. How great would that be...?
The weather has finally allowed us to get outside and do some yard work. I couldn't help being outside all day too. I actually had every intention of scrapbooking the day away but found myself needing to be outside. Got a fair amount of raking done and even though there is still some snow along the fence line and remnents of our backyard rink, the yard looks pretty good. We're going to get out patio and fire pit area finished so we can enjoy many nights out there as a family and with friends. Can hardly wait.
In other news, I began teaching the Pre K program this past Tuesday and I can't even describe how tiring that is...4 hours with 15 kids (and 2 parent helpers). It is running smoothly, the kids are great and I still enjoy it, it is just alot more tiring (I probably sound like a wuss hey...complaining about my 4 hour work day...hehehe). Only 14 more classes to go!! Carsyn's class is going on a field trip to the Telus World of Science this week and he's asked me to volunteer. My neighbor is willing to take Gavin, so I think I'll put my name in and see if I get picked. I would love to go with him, so hopefully I can. I would prefer to drive myself as I'm not crazy about riding the bus but...suck it up right...?
That's it, that's all from my little corner of the world. Hope all is well in yours.


heike said...

Isn't it great when the kids get on and are just having fun together? Luckily, mine get on fine (most of the time).
I really admire you going back to work. I think I just wouldn't cope. There aren't enough hours in the day now. So I'm not at all surprised that you are feeling tired.
Hope you get to go on that class trip.

Julie said...

Wow Laura, I am so glad that I clicked on your blog. I really like it. So glad that you are helping me out with the crop at LIITD. You are pretty:) too. Check my blog out cause you have been tagged:)

Sherri said...

Hey Laura -
just stalking you back hahaha - that made me giggle. Love the pics of the boys in the trees don't they look at home there haha - little monkeys eh? I know what you mean I use to love that my son and his friends are big outdoors people or were, they use to be outside all the time, it was great! And they are all good and healthy and fit - sure all that activity has been instrumental to my ds being so sports active today.

And even though I work full time and 9 hours a day - I totally understand how that kind of 4 hour day would tire you right out, I know a 20 minutes stretch if my son and his buddies are hyper and fooling around is exhausting haha.

Cross my fingers you can go on that field trip - sounds like fun!